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Zennio Z70

If you are looking for elegance, style, simplicity and functionality for the comprehensive control of your installation,  the Z70 is the ideal choice. This 7'' colour touch panel can have up to 144 controls and indicators, with up to 12 pages (12 controls per page), which you could configure for climate, lighting or shutter control, scenes, alarms, etc.

Z70 can be completely personalised. There is a wide range of icons in the Zennio gallery (with light or dark themes) and if that's not enough you can use your own images and import them via the personalised icons USB. Or Zennio can even help you create a new icon from scratch.

You could also adapt the functionality of your Z70 according to the real needs of your project. It allows having a unique hardware and enlarge the functionality when requested, without needing to acquire a new hardware.

The licenses system which can be acquired to upgrade the functionality of your touch panel "on demand" are the following:

Video Intercom License - Available

Integration with the video intercom Zennio GetFace IP

Smartphone Control License - Available 

Zennio Remote APP (Android): Available now, Zennio Remote APP (iOS): Available now

Products detail:

Z70 Color capacitive touch panel (7" display) - Anthracite (Part number: ZVIZ70V2A) Click here.

Z70 Color capacitive touch panel (7" display) - White (Part number: ZVIZ70V2W) Click here.

Z70 Color capacitive touch panel (7" display) - Gloss White (Part number: ZVIZ70V2GW) Click here.

Z70 Color capacitive touch panel (7" display) - Sliver (Coming soon) (Part number: ZVIZ70V2S)

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