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KNX HVAC Solutions Online Conference

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The KNX Room Controller – The Ultimate solution for HVAC and Home control

In order to simplify the user experience a KNX Room Controller can bring together all the aspects of the room functionality. It is the Ultimate, all-in-one solution! It reduces the number of wall mounted devices required, which not only simplifies the control points but also provides a more sleek and modern design. Crucially, the control "complication" is hidden from the user, yet full system control is maintained while giving an easy to operate interface.

In this presentation, our KNX tutor Gordon looked at the KNX Room Controller as a simple user interface to Lighting control, Heating control and Air Conditioning control and discussed at various manufacturer's products that help to achieve this result. Including JUNG, Zennio, Siemens and ABB.

Hope you enjoyed the video. 

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