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Divus Introduction and KNX IQ Webinar

The user interface DIVUS VISION convinces with its simplicity in the implementation by the system integrator and control by the house owner. Lights, shading, temperature, music, alarms can be managed and controlled through the panel. In addition, smart devices can be integrated into the visualisation. See below if you have missed our Divus live webinar and don't forget to check our youtube channel (bemcoelectrical) for more KNX online Webinars.

Divus KNX IQ Webinar

The webinar will include the following:

1. Introduction to DIVUS (divus.eu)

2. Overview of product range

3. Focus on unique product DIVUS KNX IQ

- Key features

- Type of projects for which it is ideally suited

4. Q&A

Divus KNX IQ Presentation

Product link for Divus KNX IQ IP

Divus KNX IQ08 IP (Part number: KNX-IQ08-IP)

KNX IP-Router / Interface needed

Product link for Divus KNX IQ TP

Divus KNX IQ08 TP (Part number: KNX-IQ08-TP)

with integrated KNX-interface

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