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s30-SE b sDock nano SE

Wall mount for Phones or small tablets. Tailored made. Very sleek and compact. Lockable. Can be mounted on top of every one gang wall box. Mains power and PoE power supplies are available. An iPodTouch plus a sDock nano is ideal as room controller or door intercom.

s Wedges

The extension to the sDock Fix.

Anti-theft. Sturdy made of black anodised aluminium. Ideal for cash register systems, exhibitions, restaurants, trade fairs and video conferences. The power supply via 230V and PoE power supplies can be placed invisibly through the table top or over the table. Alternatively a PowerBank can be integrated.

sCharge PoE P+D mUSB, mf

PoE Adapter with Power and data for USB micro to Lightning cable (seperately available)

Adapter cable Lightning for s27

cable Lightning 90o-> USB-micro, 0.4m mf

cable Lightning 90o-> USB-micro, 1.5m mf

cable Lightning 90o-> USB-micro, 3.0m mf

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