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Zennio New NarrowDim x4 Webinar with Presentation

Zennio released the NEW universal dimming actuator (RLC, LED, CFL*) with 4 channels of up to 210 W at 230 VAC (160 W at 110 VAC) in only 4.5 DIN rail units. See below if you have missed our 1- hour Zennio NARROWDIM x4 live webinar and don't forget to check our youtube channel (bemcoelectrical) for more Zennio online training. 

Zennio NarrowDim X4 Webinar

The webinar will include the following: 

- Introduction 

- Load Wiring 

- Product Comparison 

- Dimming Tips 

- ETS Configuration

Zennio New NarrowDim x4 Presentation

Product link for Zennio NarrowDIM X4

Zennio NarrowDIM X4 (Part number: ZDINDX4)

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