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THEBEN iON 108 KNX room controller

Theben iON KNX tactile sensors are available in various versions: 

  • 1-way (2 buttons)
  • 2-way (4 buttons) 
  • room controller with LCD display and Bluetooth interface

Depending on the device, up to 20 functions can be controlled with a single button. The iON 108 KNX room controller with LCD and integrated room thermostat features a Bluetooth interface to make it easier to use. All tactile sensors come with an integrated bus coupler and are programmed without an ETS app. Now you can access the room controller via Bluetooth and operation with the IONplay app. See the video for more info.

Product links for iON ranges

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Theben LUXORliving iON4 (Part Number: 4800414)

Theben LUXORliving iON8 (Part Number: 4800418)

Product links for Weather Stations

Theben LUXORliving M100 weather sensor (Part Number: 4800491)

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