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Please see below for the New Products 2020 Presentation and more information of Theben products.

Product links for iON ranges

Theben KNX iON102 (Part Number: 4969232)

Theben KNX iON104 (Part Number: 4969234)

Theben KNX iON108 (Part Number: 4969238)

Theben LUXORliving iON2 (Part Number: 4800412)

Theben LUXORliving iON4 (Part Number: 4800414)

Theben LUXORliving iON8 (Part Number: 4800418)

Product link for KNX IP Secure

Theben IPSecure Router KNX (Part Number: 9070770)

Product links for Weather Stations

Theben LUXORliving M100 weather sensor (Part Number: 4800491)

Theben LUXORliving M130 weather station (Part Number: 4800492)

Theben LUXORliving set drives basic (Part Number: 4990013)

Theben will be offering additional technical webinars from their team in Germany. See the schedule below:

29th April - 07:30 am - 10 am BST
KNX UP RF and TC 649 E (4 channel Digital Time switch) 
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13th May - 07:30 am - 10 am BST
iON KNX and Simplexa series (ThePixa sensor)
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16th June - 07:30 am - 10 am BST
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