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Bemco 'Best Seller' switches and keypads


KNX push-button sensors F 50, maximum design variation and freedom of combination

Backlit capacitive touch switches in Flat 55 family (standard frames 55x55mm), with total customisation.

Tense intensity Switches, The Intensity is a stern switch that combines functionality and an elegant design in a beautiful way.

Lithoss Select, The unique Lithoss design light switch in combination with fully integrated KNX sensor with 1/2/4/6/8 buttons.

ABB-tacteo® KNX sensor, KNX sensors made of glass for the most demanding individual requirements

The Glass Push Button II Smart with temperature sensor offers additional funtions to set temperature and operation mode.

If you are interested in our Best Selling switches and keypads. Please email us: knx@bemco.co.uk or call: 02088740404 to get your best price!