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ABB USB and Serial Interfaces

USB/S1.2 (£298.00)

The ABB i-bus® KNX USB Interface USB/S 1.2 is a KNX modular installation device (MDRC) in Pro M design for installation in the distribution board on a 35 mm mounting rail.

The USB Interface enables communication between ETS and a KNX system (programming, bus monitoring, group monitoring). Visual display systems, or other clients, can also use the USB to access KNX.

The device is connected to the computer via a type B USB cable and is ready for use as soon as the USB is connected. The necessary driver is automatically installed under Windows the first time it is connected.

Operating status and telegram traffic are displayed via three LEDs. The KNX and USB components are electrically isolated from each other.

System Infrastructure and Interfacing


Extended Product Type: USB/S1.2

Product ID: 2CDG110243R0011

EAN: 4016779064507

Catalog Description: USB/S1.2 USB Interface, MDRC


Product Net Width: 36 mm

Product Net Height: 90 mm

Product Net Depth / Length: 64.5 mm

Product Net Weight: 0.07 kg

Home and Building Automation


1. Label Carrier

2. KNX programming LED (red) (no function)

3. KNX programming button (no function)

4. Bus connection terminal

5. Cover cap

6. ON LED (green)

7. USB LED (yellow)

8. KNX LED (yellow)

9. Type B USB connector