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BAB Technologie KNX gateway

APPMODULE (£298.00)

The IOT - KNX gateway APPMODULE provides you with new opportunities. Similar to a smartphone, the module provides the opportunity to load apps which are available from the BAB APPMARKET.

Whether the connection to a non-KNX® system or specific automation solutions are required – simply install several apps and customise the device for your projects. Benefit from the constantly growing range of apps available from the BAB APPMARKET.

Building automation has never been this flexible. Link your apps with the new smart home app Panasonic Connect to control multimedia, network services, home appliances, or proprietary systems from a single interface.



Panasonic Connect

The seamless KNX connection with the smart home app Panasonic Connect enables the control of TV sets with all Smart Home components such as wall buttons or building visualisations. In addition to the basic functions such as switching on and off, volume control or channel selection, it is also possible to switch TV inputs via KNX commands. If desired, the TV can be integrated into entire Smart Home scenarios.

At the push of a button, the blinds are lowered, the ambient lighting is activated and the TV is switched on with the desired source selection and volume.


Expand your smart home system

It can connect with IFTTT

     It works with Amazon alexa 

and it even works with Sonos


  • Switching Tv On / Off
  • Channel Forward/Backward
  • Set Channel

Volume Control

  • Activate/Deactivate Sound
  • Request Sound Status
  • Increase/Decrease Volume
  • Set Volume Value
  • Query Volume Value

TV Modes

  • Last view Mode
  • Reception Modes

TV Inputs

  • Av And Component Inputs
  • Inputs HDMI

MEDIa ControL

  • Start/Pause Media
  • Stop Media
  • Media Forward / Rewind
  • Media Forward/Backskip