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Sensor that CHANGE your life

HPD2 Optical Sensor as the quantum leap in sensor technology won the "Product of the year" award at the KNX UK conference! This sensor increased the performance of HPD1, including CPU performance (accuracy counting), higher resolution (better detection) and Precise definable detection zones.

What? How many? Where? When?

Steinel taught HPD2 optical Sensor how to count and you have no idea about all the things made possible by this.

Do you know how many employees are in the office?

Who is sitting where?

Are they any delays in front of the elevators?

What is the frequency in the stairways?

Is there a queue at the checkout?

There are an unlimited numbers of examples that show how important it will be to know more and more within the building. The right information is not only needed for interaction within the building automation, but also for the organisation and optimisation of processes. The HPD2 can deliver this information reliably and precisely.

Efficient elevator management

Organising flexible workplaces

Managing conference rooms

ONE SENSOR, FIVE ZONES AND MANY GOOD reasons for optical sensors