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New Zennio Z35 Capacitive touch panel

30th January 2018 | London
Zennio has introduced their new capacitive touch panel Z35 - the integral room control solution with a backlighted greyscale 3.5” display and an elegant, simple design full of functionality!

Zennio's latest control panel has got a proximity sensor, internal temperature probe and thermostat for two independent areas. It's able to contain up to 42 controls/indicators, distributed in up to 7 pages with a navigation menu.
When the touch panel is not in use, it initiates a screensaver mode with date, time and/or temperature. Thanks to the proximity sensor, the menu appears again automatically when the user approaches. Its brightness is also regulated, by the ambient luminosity sensor. In addition, it incorporates 4 analog-digital inputs that may be configured as binary inputs for sensors and potential-free push buttons, as temperature probe inputs or as motion sensor inputs.
Zennio Z35 is available in white, anthracite, silver and gloss white with optional accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor.

  • Does not require external power apart from KNX bus
  • Up to 42 controls which can be distributed in 7 pages
  • Proximity sensor which will allow to change the display backlight luminosity or to disable the screensaver when the user is approaching the touch panel
  • Luminosity sensor for brightness automatic adjustment
  • Colour palette for RGB/RGBW lighting control
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • 2 independent thermostats
  • 4 analogue-digital inputs
  • Currently available in polycarbonate and various colours: anthracite, silver, white and gloss white

For more information call 020 8874 0404 or email knx@bemco.co.uk