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Theben present LUXORliving - their new smart home control software

9th May 2017 | London

Theben's LUXORliving is a certified KNX system offering a "smart" lighting, heating and shading control system suitable for houses, flats, restaurant or bars, that helps achieve maximum energy savings.

Less is more

Though LUXORliving is a KNX device, its complexity has been vastly reduced. Theben has aimed to make the software as simple as possible, so they've narrowed down the number of the advanced KNX functions to only those which are absolutely necessary. Thanks to this simplification, switching on and dimming lights, regulating heating or controlling shade with LUXORliving is "child's play" for the end user and poses no challenge for experienced smart home installers.

LUXORliving can be operated via computer or from your smartphone.

  • LUXORplug is the operating software compatible with Windows suited for installers. No prior knowledge is necessary to operate it.
  • LUXORplay is the iOS and Android app for convenient, safe and really easy operation of LUXORliving via WLAN for users.

Safety above all

According to Theben, safety will be even more important in years to come, therefore their priority has been to strengthen the system's security. To prevent unwanted access from outside the controls are operated via LUXORplay and WLAN.

As stated the KNX advanced functions have been reduced to gain the desired simplification, but it doesn't mean the software itself doesn't offer its own advanced features or benefits to its customers. This is where the company has focused their aim to increase the customers' security. For example, LUXORliving has got a customisable panic function that can simulate presence in the home. The software simultaneously operates lights and blinds and so it deters uninvited guests from entering your property. What's more, LUXORliving saves the user patterns from the last seven days and repeats them when the occupants of the house are away.

Theben's smart home living comfort control software will be available in the XL version as of October 2017 and in the extended XXL version as of March 2018. Watch this space!

LUXORliving will also be available on BEMCO-KNX.co.uk.