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17th February 2017 | London

Join Bemco’s PREFERRED PARTNER scheme and be part of a network of Trusted Integrators who we will pass jobs and leads on to.

Additional benefits:
  • Maximum Discounts across ALL ranges
  • FREE Delivery of stock items
We’re determined to grow the talent pool of KNX Integrators. The more professional Integrators there are (like you), the faster the KNX market will grow. We’d like the help of our Preferred Partners to guide and advise the newly trained integrators and assist them developing their careers.

Are you willing to share some of your time, as a Mentor, to help the newer integtrators gain much needed experience? The newer trained integrators have a lot to offer. We believe this "mentoring" relationship will provide valuable up-stream and down-stream benefits for both parties.

We will assign a suitable MENTOR (from our Preferred Partner list) to a newly trained KNX Integrator on a case by case basis.

Simply call 020 8874 0404 or email knx@bemco.co.uk and provide us with your KNX Partner Number.
We’ll discuss the details of each Mentoring opportunity in person with you..

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