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Actuator / controller 8-fold for electrothermal valve drives
Actuator / controller 8-fold for electrothermal valve drives


Part Number: EK-HE1-TP
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Actuator / controller 8-fold for electrothermal valve drives
The EK-HE1-TP actuator / controller is an ekinex® KNX S-mode bus device for the control of electrothermal actuators and / or motors for zone valves installed on distribution manifolds of installations with radiant panels or radiators. The 8 output channels use TRIAC to ensure a noiseless command and a high number of cycles. The device may work in combination with NC (normally closed) or NO (normally opened) actuators and may be used in installations with 2 or 4-pipe hydraulic distribution; in the latter application it is possible to interlock the outputs, completely closing the active valve before the opening of the coupled valve, avoiding the mix of heating and colling conveying fluids. The device is provided with a membrane keypad for manual control of the outputs and LED indicators for the diagnosis of the operation state and of alarms triggered by short-circuit of the outputs or power failure. The device can be configured as simple actuator, in combination with one or more KNX room temperature controllers, or as actuator / controller with acquisition of max 2 temperature values from KNX room temperature sensors. The device integrates a KNX bus communication module and is realised for mounting on a standard 35 mm rail. The device is supplied by the KNX bus and requires an additional 230 Vac or 24 Vac power supply for the electrothermal actuators.
• 8 configurable channels for use with NC (normally closed) or NO (normally opened) electrothermal actuators
• Independent configuration of each output channel as actuator or actuator / controller for 2 or 4-pipe systems, channel in parallel or as simple controlled output through communication object
• Detection and reporting of short-circuit through monitoring of the current absorbed by the electrothermal actuators connected to the outputs
• Detection and reporting of lack of supply voltage on the electrothermal actuators connected to the outputs (only if supplied at 230 Vac)
• Selective single channel enabling for only one conduction mode. In systems with radiant floor panels, the function allows to simulate different steps of laying of the pipes depending on the conduction mode in order to achieve a higher cooling power
• Valve protection function (anti-seizure) during long periods of inactivity
• Delayed activation of the outputs (in the range 5-40s) in order to avoid power-absorption peaks by the electrothermal actuators
• Automatic evaluation of the energy demand, available as a communication object, to activate the thermal generators and / or a circulator
• 4-channel and 4 inputs each channel logic functions, to realise combinatorial building automation logic through AND, OR, NOT and exclusive OR blocks

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