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4-fold RGBW LED dimmer - Load current for each channel 4 A
4-fold RGBW LED dimmer - Load current for each channel 4 A
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Part Number: EK-GC1-TP

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4-fold RGBW LED dimmer - Load current for each channel 4 A
The ekinex® EK-GC1-TP dimming actuator is an S-mode KNX rail mounting modular device for independent switching and dimming of low-voltage (12...30 Vdc) LED lighting devices in CV mode, with PWM modulation. The typical application is with LED strips used for bulk lighting or ambient scenic effects. Outputs can be managed: as 4 independent channel (white or single color); as 2 channels, each used for a “dual white” strip (cold and warm white tones); combined, as a single RGB (+W) color channel. The device is equipped with an integrated bus communication module and is designed for rail mounting in distribution boards and cabinets. For its operation, the device receives command telegrams from the bus, sent by a KNX device (such as a pushbutton, a sensor or another switching or control device), that causes the switching or the dimming of the lamp of the connected lighting device. The manual operation of output channels is possible through the membrane pushbuttons on the front of the device. The device is powered by the KNX bus line with SELV voltage 30 Vdc (for the logic section) and requires a 12...30 Vdc auxiliary power supply, with adequeate current capacity depending on the connected loads, to provide power for both the output loads and the power drive section.

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