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Flat 4 Capacitive push button with temperature probe - Custom

Flat 4 Capacitive push button with temperature probe - Custom

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Part Number: ZVI-F4

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Flat 4 Capacitive push button with temperature probe - 2 button - Custom

Backlighted capacitive touch switches in Flat family, with proximity sensor, flat design (9mm) and total customization. Everyone can create unique compositions, including images, icons, texts or logos, which are printed on a high-strength tempered glass. There are models with 1, 2, 4 or 6 configurable buttons and backlighted icons, which regulate their brightness with the included ambient luminosity sensor and attenuate when the user is not detected by the proximity sensor. Flat 1/2/4/6 incorporates an internal temperature probe and thermostat, as well as 2 analog-digital inputs that may be configured for potential-free sensors and push buttons, temperature probes or motion sensors. Available models: Standard White/Gloss White/Black/Silver or Customized. Accessories: temperature probe, motion sensor.


  • Printed glass touch panel (image customizable through web application).
  • 4 touch areas.
  • 2 analog/digital inputs.
  • Thermostat.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Touch feedback through device vibration.
  • Backlighting of touch areas to indicate statuses.
  • Luminosity and proximity sensor.
  • Total data saving on KNX bus failure.
  • Integrated KNX BCU.
  • Dimensions 81 x 81 x 28mm.
  • Flush mount on mechanism box.
  • Conformity with the CE directives (CE-mark on the back side).

How to Customise

  1. Create your custom design:
    1. Please go to Zennio Touch-My-Design website for creating your custom design.
    2. Create an account and choose Flat as your project.
    3. Once finished, save your project and download your PDF file.
  2. Complete your order with Bemco-KNX:
    1. Add the desired amount of "ZVI-F4" to the cart and complete your order.
    2. Send the PDF file along with your order number to KNX@bemco.co.uk.
Note: Please do not delete the project until you have received your order.

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